The People’s Utility Commons is an organizing ground for frontline communities interested in creating utility justice through new laws that advance a just transition and guarantee universal access to essential public goods in a fully decarbonized world.

We know it’s possible to design public and cooperative institutions that evoke joy, build community, and strengthen our social fabric! We experience this through our schools, libraries, farmers’ markets, and local and national public parks. Our utilities should be no different.

How can you join and lead?

Learn with us: we are sharing popular knowledge on utility justice across movements through articles asking why our utility systems are the way they are, showing the connections to other issues like policing and punishment, and offering new ideas about what we can do. Read, share, and join the discussions with your community. Contact us about writing collaboration opportunities.
Teach with us: we are building movement capacity to change the structure of utilities in frontline communities through popular education and an accessible utility law curriculum. Contact us to learn more about offering a workshop - virtually or in-person - with organizers in your community. We will be teaching to train you how to use what you learn to teach others in your community, too.
Organize with us: subscribe to the Commons to find out first when we roll out new ways to be involved. Tell others what you're learning and introduce them to the Commons we're building together. This commons belongs to everybody and will be the product of what all of us share with each other.